The FIRST Full Service Beauty Salon in Championsgate, Florida

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We are extremely proud to be the first full-service high-end beauty salon in Championsgate, Florida.

The hard work everyone contributed to make it possible can only be appreciated by simply walking through our doors. You will be greeted by our always smiling and friendly front desk staff, who will direct you to your corresponding stylist, nail tech or esthetician. From a purely physical standpoint, the beauty of the salon itself is a reflection of the beauty we want to inspire in our clientele. From the sparkling, gorgeous chandeliers to the carefully chosen and placed stylist stations, every detail has a purpose.

Many of you may recognize our core hairstylists, Sara, Emma, Sarah and Mel, who came from another hair salon in the area. You can see their profiles and the rest of our team in our staff page.

One of the features that makes us unique, is the separately enclosed Children’s Salon. Kids can enjoy an environment dedicated just for them, with caricature chairs, hanging blowdryers, and a bold color scheme that makes it a fun place to be in. Additionally, the area has a room with X-box games where the kids can hang out while mom and/or dad get primped in the main salon, nail room, or skincare room.

Speaking of nail room…our nail techs are the best of the best, keep meticulously clean manicure and pedicure stations, and are talented in their trade. Come in to experience a relaxing pedicure or manicure. Enjoy a simple pink and white finish, or step outside the box with NAIL ART. Our technicians, Becky, Carmen and Sherri can bling your nails with stones/gems, nail jewelry, encapsulation, painted art, stamping, watercolor and 3D. If you don’t know what some of those techniques are, stay tuned to our blog for more info on those in the near future!

Our Skincare Services include Facial Treatments in a separate room. You can choose from the Classic European Facial, to the Anti-Aging Facial, to Sensitive Skin Facial and more. See our complete list here. If a deeper treatment is what you are looking for, ask about a microdermabrasion peel or collagen blanket.

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COVID-19 Update

What to expect...

*Clients will be taken by appointment only.
*Clients will be required to bring a mask with them to wear.
*Clients temperature will be checked upon arrival.
*Clients will come inside or call from their vehicle to check in. Once the client has checked in they will then wait outside or in their vehicle until the stylist has completed their clean up and is ready to begin.
*Only one client is allowed in the salon per stylist at a time. Any additional people with the client must wait outside or in their vehicle
*Clients and Stylists must sanitize their hands before the service.
*We will be using every other station and shampoo bowls on opposite sides to maintain distance between clients.
*All Salon staff will be wearing a mask and will have had their temperature checked.
*As a condition of licensing requirements, our stylists are already trained on infection control. We have always been required to disinfect our equipment between clients. As an extra precautionary step you will now see staff members disinfecting their chairs, stations and shampoo bowls between every client.

Telephone: (321) 401 4752

We thank you for your continued patience

~Master Image Team~

Telephone: (321) 401 4752         Email: 

 We thank you for your patience 

~Master Image Team~