Nail Art is Becoming More and More Popular

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Remember when a simple French manicure was all the rage? Well, those days are long gone, and hello Nail Art! So many trends in nails have come and gone, but we think creative nails are here to stay.

So what is Nail Art? It’s a little Picasso on your nails, so to speak. Nail techs use a variety of nail-art-orlandotechniques to achieve different effects and looks. From a simple painting technique where color is applied to the nail like oil on canvas, to the more complex encapsulating technique where miniature objects are buried into the acrylic to create an almost amber-like effect.

One of our favorite things about nail enhancements today, is that there are no rules about what to do on each individual nail. They no longer have to all look the same! As long as there is a persistent theme or color scheme, you’re good to go. It truly makes your hands not just appear polished and beautiful, but really interesting; even conversation starters.

There is one trend in nail art that we find especially fun:  jewelry. A little hole is actually drilled into the nail extension and a small pendant is inserted. Think of a charm on a bracelet, but on your nail, instead. The pendant can be a bit cumbersome, and works best on your pinky or fourth fingernail, but it’s super fun for a party or special event.

Finally, for the person who prefers to keep thing simple but still wants to liven things up, a single crystal or small cluster of the tiniest crystals on the fourth fingernail over a nude finish can look elegant, while still keeping it understated.

We love nails. For the latest looks and trends, count on our nail techs here at our Championsgate location to get the job done right. Call us at 321-401-4752 to book an appointment or click here for more information about our nail services.



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