Get Longer, Fuller Hair with Hairdreams

Some stylists at Master Image Salon are certified in Hairdreams, “The Art of Hair Creation.” Because Hairdreams is not “Hair Extensions,” you can now have the most natural looking and natural feeling hair, even if your hair is too short or thin.

Hairdreams is a new revolutionary method to:

  • Give you undetectable hair needed for fuller and longer locks
  • Gently add to your own hair, protecting it from damaging environmental factors
  • Get more compliments and feel great about your hair
  • Get the results you want in just about one hour!

Hairdreams Extensions are priced at consultation.

We offer two types of Hairdreams:


It’s all in the Laserbeamer NANO System

Hairdreams 100% human hair is combined with patented NANO technology. It invisibly integrates into your hair permanently, becoming a natural part of your own hair. Hairdreams hair can withstand any activity, including sports, sauna, swimming, etc. You can style your hair as you normally do, but with more styling possibilities than ever before!

Discover the new revolutionary method, which…

  • Gives you invisible, undetectable hair needed for fuller and longer hair
  • Is gentle on your own hair and even protects it from damaging environmental factors
  • Everyone will admire your new hair and you won’t want to not stop looking at yourself in the mirror ….
  • …and all in just about one hour !


Hairdreams Quikkies are tiny, self adhesive strips that are made from special ultra-light microfiber gauze with premium human hair strands attached to it.  It allows for fast, gentle and long-lasting integration into your own hair.

  • Quikkies are available in unique, extra fine 2-color strands for brilliant, natural color effects.
  • Hairdreams Quikkies can be re-used several times (wearing period 4 – 8 weeks) and are easily and gently removable.
  • They are available in 2 hair qualities

They are extremely flat, flexible and durable and conform perfectly to the clients head, allowing for the highest comfort, natural fall of the hair for the most natural looking style. They can be applied very gently and without any additional tools in very little time.


Hairdreams Quikkies are fast, easy, versatile and reusable. Creative hair styles are fast and easy to achieve.

Everything is possible:

  • Asymmetric hair styles
  • Longer and fuller bangs
  • More volume and length for the trendy hair styles you dream of


Hairdreams Quikkies are perfect for the latest trend/fun colors or for natural highlights and lowlights without using any chemicals. 

  • Bright and dazzling thanks to the special Quikkie color strands
  • Super-fast and easy application within minutes!
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