Find a hair stylist

How to find the right hair stylist?


If you thought to find the right guy was difficult, try finding the right hair stylist. It is equally sometimes even more of a difficult task. We all had those bad hair days where we end up walking out of our house with screwed up hair that just won’t behave. So finding someone who can work with your hair is a privilege that can be both overwhelming and costly process. You need someone who knows your hair, texture, the style you are looking for and what will look good on you. There is an old saying that Hair stylists serve as a better therapist that the real deal, and is quite true. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your stylists is really important. This again is a very important thing you should look in your hairstylist.

So if you are running around to find the perfect hairstylist, there are certain things that will help you.


Do some homework


To find the right hair salon, you have to do some research of your own and list down the hair salon in your area. Next step is to list down the salons that match your style; whether you like comfy and casual, trendy and modern, or upscale or sophisticated. Finding salon close to your house will give you an easy opportunity to do check on them, and if you like that salon, it will be a convenient deal for you. Generally, you will see that salons have a particular environment which will give you an idea of what to expect from them. Moreover, expensive salons use high-quality products, have better services and more experienced hair stylist. You actually get what you pay for, while a budgeted hair salon may accommodate your needs, if you are conscious about your image, then be prepared to pay for premium service. There are salons which offer quality service in reasonable pricing. It all depends on the research you do.


Word of mouth


Your friend may have gotten a new haircut or color which you loved; ask them about their salon and stylist. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get the stylists you want. Just observe whose cut or color you look and get their stylists name. As you have seen their work personally, it will make things easier for you. Also, hair stylist referrals so when you meet them to tell them who referred you so that they can contact that person.

Read the stylists reviews


Go through the reviews of the salons. Maybe you will find reviews about their hair stylists, and you can see how much people appreciate their work. Go to the website of the salon or their Facebook Page. Look for their stylist’s pictures and read the comments. You can do a style hashtag search to find the stylist who does that particular style and then you can read their reviews.

Get a hair consultation


After reading the reviews list down your preferred stylist and book a consultation appointment. Generally, salons offer the free consultation. This appointment will give you an idea of how the stylist work and what they are capable of. See if the stylists have a look book or portfolio and tell them a little about their style.


Talk openly


When you meet the stylist tell him/her what you like, what you are comfortable with, and set the boundaries. If you have photos of your desired looks, show them. This will give them a better idea of what you are looking for. Just like every other relationship in your life, the key here is communication, don’t tell them to do whatever they want. They cut a couple of inches of your hair, and then you say that you don’t like changing the length of the hair.


Have realistic expectations

Stylists work with scissors, not wands. Know your hair and be practical about the efforts you are ready to put in styling your hair. For example, if you have a thick curly hair and you expect to get an asymmetrical bob and swear you will commit to the hair straightener every day is not practical. The more honest you will be with yourself, better will you be your understanding with the stylist. Stylist job is to get you a haircut that complements your actual lifestyle, not the lifestyle you want to lead.


Follow ups


After your first appointment with the stylist, if you are bit underwhelmed about it, consider making a follow-up appointment. This will give your stylist an idea of how you are maintaining your hair and will also give you an opportunity to ask for some styling tips. Let your stylist know your hair and its texture better so that he/she can work according to that.