In as far as property locations in Florida go, Oak Point is one of the most exclusive areas. In fact, so elite is this location that it has acquired the moniker Florida’s Hollywood. And with the properties having a median listing price of over $200,000, it is easy to see why the location is so exclusive.

The characteristically large houses that are beautifully designed and expertly constructed dot Oak Point, creating a scenic neighborhood second to none. Additionally, the low-density environment that characterizes the area makes for a very peaceful time; whether you there permanently or just vacationing in the area.

For holidaymakers looking for a luxurious vacation house at the heart of Hollywood, Florida, you will be pleased to note that many of the summer homes are available to rent. Importantly, there are a variety of houses on offer for holidaymakers to choose from, which makes finding the perfect holiday house a tad easier. For instance, there are three bedroom properties that can accommodate six guests. There are four bedroom villas (2 masters) that can accommodate eight guests. There are also four bedroom villas with two master bedrooms that can accommodate ten guests. As you can appreciate, with the wide array of choices, it is easier for holidaymakers to find a vacation spot that will suit their needs and numbers.

What To Expect While vacationing In Oak Point

While this location is exclusive and peaceful, there is more to it than exclusivity. For starters, the vacationer Oak Point, FL can expect to experience tranquil weather befitting any vacation. During the summer months, the weather is hot and humid. Temperatures average 32°C during the day, lending every day to outdoor activities and water sports. On the other hand, during the winter months, the temperatures average an exquisite 21°C that is also perfect for outdoor activities and exploring the attractions nearby.

Speaking of attraction, Oak Point is located near some of Florida’s best attractions. For instance, it is a short drive away from the world-famous Walt Disney World. Additionally, it is also a short drive away from the Universal Studios, the Sea World, and the Kennedy Space Center. There are also world-class golf courses such as the Champion’s Gate gold course for golf lovers and enthusiasts.

For those interested in physical activities, there are plenty of offerings to choose from. For instance, there are plenty of water sports, biking and hiking trails, go-karting, and other activities.