If you are thinking of moving to Florida, where summers last long and beaches surround the state, one of the best neighborhoods to visit is Sunridge Woods. It’s located at the center of Orlando’s main attractions– just a 15-minute drive, and you get to enjoy one of the most famous theme parks in the world– Disney World, Florida.

Its location is easily accessible to bring you to more tourist spots such as Dinosaur World and Legoland–which are both 40 minutes away by car, Discovery Cove, Aquatica, Seaworld, Wonderworks, and Universal Studios, which are all just a 20-minute drive away.

Beaches are also near the neighborhood of Sunridge Woods, with Blizzard Beach being the nearest–just 15 minutes away. The two other beaches–Clearwater Beach and Daytona Beach are both more or less an hour and a half drive. There is seldom traffic in Florida, so you can enjoy the sun and sand after a quick, breezy ride.sunridge woods salon

Sunridge Woods is a peaceful neighborhood where everyone you meet is friendly and accommodating. Street sides are clean and bright green as healthy trees line up the roads. Residents of Sunridge Woods take pride in keeping the neighborhood a place where everyone can relax and enjoy their stay.

A lot of amenities are available within the community. Restaurants in different lines of flavors–Chinese, American, Italian, a bar, an ice cream shop, a barbecue and steakhouse–are available within a 5-minute drive. No matter what your cravings are, Sunridge Woods caters to it.

For personal care, nail and hair salons, dental clinics, and a gym to keep you fit and healthy can also be found in the neighborhood. Your pets are also wonderfully cared for in this community as there are veterinary clinics within the Town Center.

What Sunridge Woods is widely famous for is their conveniently available vacation villas and homes for rent. They market these houses to families who want to enjoy what Orlando has to offer. With its proximity to most tourist destinations in Florida, these homes and villas for rent are practical choices for your stay. Especially if you are planning a long vacation with your family, renting a house in Sunridge Woods would surely save you a lot of cash while giving you an incredible experience in the neighborhood.

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*All Salon staff will be wearing a mask and will have had their temperature checked.
*As a condition of licensing requirements, our stylists are already trained on infection control. We have always been required to disinfect our equipment between clients. As an extra precautionary step you will now see staff members disinfecting their chairs, stations and shampoo bowls between every client.

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Telephone: (321) 401 4752         Email: info@masterimagesalon.com 

 We thank you for your patience 

~Master Image Team~