hair cut near the gateThe Gate is an apartment complex consisting of brand new luxury apartment ready for leasing. The apartments are located in the picturesque Champion Gate, an environment that adds the overall luxurious feel that these apartments ooze. Additionally, the apartment complex is near restaurants and bars, medical centers, schools, banks, salons and spas, and golf courses.

But perhaps it is the luxury amenities in the apartment complex that set The Gate a cut above the rest in this part of the country. The Gate features a resort style swimming pool, oversized Jacuzzi, outdoor kitchens (with gas grills), bark park with playing features for pets, state of the art clubhouse, coffee bar, lounge, library, business center, conference facilities, and much more. In a nutshell, The Gate is designed to feel and indeed be luxurious.

The Weather and The Environment In The Gate

Typical of the Floridian Climate, you can expect warm sunny weather for the most of the year. During the summer, the weather is usually hot and humid. The average temperatures during the summer months average 32°C.

The weather during winter months can only be described as pleasant. The temperature averages a soothing 21°C during the day. However, the evenings are a tad cooler but considerably warmer than other parts of the country. Thus as a holiday apartment, The Gate is the perfect destination.

Things For The Gate Holidaymakers To Do

Whether you are moving to The Gate for holiday or permanent residency, there are ample attractions and activities to keep you busy. For sporting activities, the most popular are water sport. With miles of pristine beaches, it is only natural for the resident to develop a likening for water sports. In this regard, there are plenty of engaging in water sports such as parasailing, sea kayaking, kite surfing, fishing, scuba diving and much more.

Nonetheless, there are numerous other physical activities to enjoy. For instance, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy golfing. There are various world-class golf courses near The Gate, including the Reunion and the renowned Champion’s Gate designed by Greg Norman. Other activities that will interest you include nature walking, bird watching, horse riding, go-karting, and much more.

As for exploring attractions, the Walt Disney World is without a must-visit. Additionally, the old town, the Kennedy Space Center, the Sea World and the Universal Studios offer plenty of entertainment and new experiences.

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*All Salon staff will be wearing a mask and will have had their temperature checked.
*As a condition of licensing requirements, our stylists are already trained on infection control. We have always been required to disinfect our equipment between clients. As an extra precautionary step you will now see staff members disinfecting their chairs, stations and shampoo bowls between every client.

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 We thank you for your patience 

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