festival, floridaWill you be visiting the state of Florida soon? There are quite a few festivals that they have throughout the are. Florida is well-known for its extremely warm weather, regardless of when you arrive there. It is best to travel during the spring and fall because it is much milder, as well as less humid. However, you can visit any time that you want. Here is a list of some of the more popular festivals that are going to be in Florida when you arrive.

How To Find Festivals In Florida

There are so many activities that are happening in Florida; there are several different websites that you can visit to find this information. Most of them are designed for outdoor activities, all of which are going to be exciting. For example, in December, they often have an art festival such as the Art Basel. This is an international art fair, one that is quite expensive, but you will get to see incredible artwork while you are there. They also have the Winterfest Boat Parade which is a popular attraction in Fort Lauderdale. They have a similar event on Anna Maria Island.

Festivals For The Up-And-Coming Year

Some of the best festivals happen at the turn of the year. They have the Art Deco weekend festival which is on Miami Beach. Even though it is near the water, because of the great weather in Florida, you are definitely not going to be cold. If you enjoy seeing manatees in the water, you should consider the Crystal River Manatee Festival. There is another one in Orange City that you can go to, followed by the Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival.

There are going to be many other festivals which will include the South Florida GarlicFest, the Everglades Seafood Festival, and the Coconut Grove Arts Festival which is very popular. March is the Strawberry Festival which is in Plant City. You can also do the marathon seafood Festival in March, and the famous Venice Shark Tooth Festival that is in Venice Florida. These are just a few more ideas that you may want to consider depending upon when you will be traveling into the Sunshine State. Just be sure to plan in advance, using the many websites that will show the different festivals that are in the state of Florida. Whether you enjoy those on the beach, or out on the water, there will be something for you to experience. Start looking for festivals in Florida today.