voltera salonIf you hear about the place “Volterra”, you immediately think of the exquisite and breathtaking town in Tuscany, Italy. But to go and experience the wonders this little gem has to offer, you no longer need to book a plane ticket and fly to the beautiful country of Italy.

In Southwest Orlando, there sits a small neighborhood that specifically caters to senior citizens. Volterra, Florida is where the elderly can enjoy living, dining, and building friendships leisurely in a safe and luxurious place.

Volterra at Champions gate offers an all-inclusive monthly cost-of-living fees. It’s complete with delightful residences and healthcare for a price that is worth the quality of comfortable living. Families of older adults would not feel burdened leaving their elders in a safe place as Volterra provides maximum care and enjoyment.

There are restaurants where the elderly can enjoy different types of food–from Italian to American, coffee shops, and even bars. There are salons and spas with sensible, head-to-toe wellness programs that can relax and ease the mind of its residents. Keeping healthy and fit is also within reach as there is a state-of-the-art fitness center that offers different classes to the residents.

Volterra offers a unique and luxurious life experience to its residents. There are four key areas that they take pride in:

• Collection Combination

Aside from a place to live, residents can enjoy an extensive range of programs, amenities, and dining with no added charge. Volterra has the option for a one-time payment where residents can enjoy everything it has to offer. There is a shuttle that can take residents anywhere they want within the neighborhood, so transportation is also covered.

• Community Navigator

People who work in Volterra are licensed, nurses and social workers. They are always available to assist each resident and their families. They guide all residents of Volterra with keeping healthy and well inside the community, and they can also assist in the transition to assisted living.

• National Institute of Fitness and Sports Qualified
Life Enrichment Director

The director that handles the community in Volterra provides a strategic and holistic approach to provide emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness.

• Overall Life Experience

Compared to other senior living communities, Volterra provides a community. Programs and amenities encourage friendship ties to be made. Life satisfaction for every senior living in their community is their top priority. At Volterra, every resident will not feel lonely and homesick.