Portofino is a portion of Pensacola Beach, Florida. To be exact, it is called Portofino Drive. What can you expect to find in the area?

While it looks narrow on the map, the area is broad enough to have a sophisticated resort hotel of the same name. The Portofino Island Resort sits on 28 acres of land on Pensacola Beach.

It is composed of two phases. Phase one is composed of seven buildings, a mix of condominiums and hotels. Phase two, on the other hand, has two residential towers, one hotel, and a world-class spa.

The spa, though, is considered the crowning jewel of the project costing $50 million and is composed of 80,000 square feet of spa amenities and a fitness center. Pools and decks can be found on the seventh floor.

If you are planning on taking a beach vacation, you should definitely consider staying in Portofino. You can choose to stay in a hotel or a condominium. The hotel rooms you can book through booking websites like TripAdvisor or Hotels.com, or even directly on the hotel’s official website. Vacation rentals, though are done on Airbnb and other similar websites.

Better yet, if you can afford it, you should go out and buy a condominium unit. Portofino residences are famous for combining the best of hotels and homes, capping the experience with a magnificent view of the beach. Units are priced from $850,000 to $2.5 million with areas 1,300 square feet to 3,700. Many people in Florida purchase condominiums as a second home.

A hotel or resort is only as good as the number of happy guests. Thankfully, though, with Portofino, the verdict has been for the most part positive. What guests love about the place is the overall relaxing atmosphere and friendly service. Of course, it helps that most rooms have a great view of the Gulf of Mexico.

The reviews on Portofino have been great so far, and you can easily see guest comments and reviews on TripAdvisor and other similar websites. The overall star rating is over four stars out of five.

If you prefer to stay in a condominium, there are owners who rent their units on Airbnb. The difference between staying in a hotel and condominium can be summed up in these words: full service. Hotels have staff that can help you with your needs, while the condominiums offer self-service.


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