Great hairstyle

What makes a good hair stylist great?


So you are considered a good hair stylist. Is it enough? Success in the cosmetology industry is more than just scissor-wielding. Every stylist is unique and has their own different way of working. You will find many good hair stylists, but good service from your hair stylist isn’t good enough, you need great service. And I cannot stress the importance of being a great stylist enough. You have the responsibility of taking care of your client’s hair that is a huge part of their appearance. You may think that skill and talent is what makes you a great hair stylist but you couldn’t be more wrong. While you need these two things, they are not enough to make you a great stylist. One of the most important things to be a great stylist is the vibe you give away that attracts your clients. For that, you need to be passionate about your work. Passion brings enthusiasms which create a great foundation for any creative and artistic work.

While every stylist has their unique quality, great stylists have something in common.



If the clients want a look that won’t work on them whether due to the color, the cut or the fact they won’t be able to commit to the regular styling and maintenance due to their lifestyle, you know how to tactfully put other ideas in front of them that would suit them. A great stylist knows how a cut will look and work in the long term and can identify if it is suited for the client. It is easy to make your client happy when they like your salon but it is a whole different thing to keep them happy even after a month of the haircut. Additionally, one of the frequent complaints that the salon gets from their clients is related to the price of their hair appointment. If you offer some add-on services during the appointment and make sure you let them know about the added costs, they would know what they are getting into. Nothing kills the healthy relationship of stylists and clients than the unexpected high bill.


Adapting to trends


Adaptability is one of the biggest signs of being a great hair stylist. A great hair stylist is nonchalant about the new tools, changing trends, the vision of the client. You never know when something new hits your way, so it is very important that you are confident about your vision, skills, and creativity. You should be able to mold yourself according to your environments and offer amazing result to your client.


You Listen


Being a great hairstylist means that you know how to listen intently to your client in more than one way. Have you heard the old saying “ hair stylists make better therapist than the real ones”? It is actually quite true. Your guest will discuss their dramas and ups and downs of their lives. You probably have fun listening to them too. But the most importantly you will have to listen when you have a consultation with your client before offering the service. Let them discuss all the things going on in their lives but make sure what they are looking for and let them know what you are capable of offering. It is important that you and your client is on the same page.


You know your skills and how to transform your vision into reality


One of the signs of being a successful hair stylist is to know the latest trends and have the skills to incorporate those trends into the personal style of the clients. Just being a slave to the fashion trends is not enough, with your vision and impeccable skill you should be able to set a few trends. On the whole, mere having a vision is not enough; you should be able to transform those visions into reality.


You have technical skill as well as manual proficiency

All the listening skills, creativity, and honesty won’t make up for a bad cut. Being a great stylist, you should have a commitment towards learning the various techniques and more importantly having the curiosity to educate and train yourself even after you leave the school. Practice indeed makes you perfect. You have to ensure that you know all about the techniques and tools there are, you should continuously work on improving the stamina of your hand and reach an ability that you are energized even after working on your feet all day.



Every stylist is different, and they have their own approach towards working with clients. And it is their uniqueness that makes them good or great stylists. There are many hair stylists around and they all offer excellent service. What makes you different from them? To be great stylists you need to work on your uniqueness and make people fall in love with your unique quality.